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The first 100.000 applicants can try their fortune and play GruppenLotto on our account. Join us now via Facebook and snatch your gift which is now $2.00. But this is only the beginning. There are many other surprises waiting for you...

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This is your chance!

We are going to play for the greatest jackpot with the biggest social group of lottery with 7, 13, 21,...192 persons per group. On occasion the prize of the game is going to be only a small part of the amount that you can win on a general foreign lottery ticket in abroad, but the prizes you can win will be enormous. Either with your friends or with strangers you can form groups online to win one of the great jackpot together.

Playing the game is simple:

  • You can sign up to any of our games with the welcome bonus gift given to you. Teamed up with some others you become the owner of one or more lottery tickets.
  • GruppenLotto buys the lottery tickets of the group with the assistance of its agents. They scan the tickets and the registered owners can see it on the site.
  • You can receive the smaller amounts that you win immediately to your GruppenLotto account; in the case of bigger prizes (needing prize claim process) we organize the quick intake and distribution of the money.
  • As in a unique way, each member of the group has a copy of the winning ticket, it excludes the possibility that someone may opt out of the prize pool.
$2.00 as a gift

As a reward for joining, $2.00 actual money is given to you that you can use and play with, therefore you take part in our expense in more games, which of course can also win. This is a no obligation offer.

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What does it mean for you?

Joining the game does not involve any payment obligations. If you used and played the gift money, you are not obliged to pay further amounts or continue playing. You can quit the game at any time. You are not obliged to play the gift $2.00 either. There is NO obligation on your part at all. Press the „Join with Facebook” button and accept the Facebook application. The application will get on basic personal information from Facebook, but it will not make an entry or unsolicited advertising in your name.

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