This part is addressed to those who have their own websites, blogs or e-mail address lists, or to those who can handle the Internet better than the average.

Any of the cases above can mean a great advantage to you as the opportunity of earning money with GruppenLotto is real, and it means a tangible income to you.

What is an affiliate link?

The word ’affiliate’ originally means ’to make connection with someone’. Affiliate link makes it possible to us to follow the people who registered through you so that we can pay commission after them. We created the system in a way that you have more links, which you can follow separately. You can detect the number of clicks, the number of registrations, the earned bonus money and the real money. You can access your links in a way that you click on Links in My Account menu, in Affiliate tools section. In this moment a detailed chart of your links appears. This is where you can also create your own, new links. We separated the links which are automatically used for Facebook comments, links which are recommended for banners and links which are created by you and can be used optionally. You can check the clicks on your links, and you can get all the registrations one by one which were done this way, so you can easily follow which banner of yours, which of your Facebook share or your own link made a good performance. You can get your results in the paragraph of the statistics of Affiliates, also in the My Account menu.

Tools to Success

What would the success be here?

You are going to be successful if you reach the following target: you should make as many users as you can join the system, whose affiliate is going to be you, because you are paid commission after their registration. So for your success we provide you the following tools:

  • Precast Facebook shares
  • Invitation e-mail sent from our system
  • Pre-fabricated bannerek in all size
  • Your own links which can be used freely
  • Coupon codes
  • Invitation cards

You can find your tools in the My Account menu, in the Affiliate tools section. Now, we show you all the opportunities briefly, it is worth going over them!

Using Facebook shares

It is your most simple tool, as you can share the Affiliate link on your Facebook newsfeed. If someone clicks on this link, we immediately know that we owe a ‘thank you’ for this person to you. Your duties: To share on Facebook go to My Account menu, and in the Affiliate tools section click Facebook share. All of the images which can be shared appear, your only duty is to press Share image on Facebook button below the image you like. Certainly, you also have to press Share button when it occurs in the share window.

Sending an invitation via e-mail

You can send a personal invitation to the e-mail address of your friends and acquaintances, which also includes your affiliate link. You do not have to be bothered with the text of the message and with its subject line. We are going to be the sender of the message but we send it in your name. You only need to give the e-mail addresses to us in order to enable us to do that. Your duties: To send the invitation via e-mail, go to My Account menu, in the Affiliate tools section, and click E-mail tools. You have a very easy job from here, you only need to fill in the e-mail addresses and you can send the e-mails. You can use your Gmail mailbox to import e-mail addresses. Limitations: You can send only 100 invitations a day and only one e-mail per e-mail address.

Use of banners

Put any of our banners to your own website or to your own blog in a way that it includes your own affiliate link. We own banners in all used size and colour shades so that choosing from among them should not be a problem. Certainly, you can place our banner on any banner sites, in link catalogues, and in any sites where you think it is good. The affiliate link, used together with the banner, guarantees that you take the benefit from your work. Gruppenlotto Banner Gruppenlotto Banner Your duties: to use banners go to My Account menu, in the Affiliate tools section, and click Banners. From the list which occurs, chose the appropriate size, colour and download the jpg image file by clicking on the banner. We have provided the affiliate link with each banner so that you can show the result you reached by your individual banners. Place the download image and the affiliate link in a website you prefer.

Links, own links

The system offers links automatically to Facebook share and to banners which helps you to be able to follow the traffic of the Facebook share and the banner. But you have the opportunity to create own links beyond these, so you can use them preferably, you can share them or publish them in the Internet. Your duties: to create or use links go to My Account menu, in the Affiliate tools section and click Links. To create an own link you only have to give a name for it and the new link immediately appears in the chart which can be seen on the screen. After that, place the link in a website you prefer.

Own coupon codes

When you have already recruited a lot of users (after whom you are paid commission) by Facebook share or by placing banner or even by the help of your own links, there is a way to you to make a proposal better than the average: these are the own coupon codes. Coupon codes are brilliant because it does not matter how the registered person obtained them, if he or she enters them, the affiliate will be you automatically. If the newly registered user enters this coupon code, he or she receives a greater bonus than $2.00. By that you can make accession more attractive to him or to her. If someone joins by providing a coupon code, then affiliate links and affiliate cookies are irrelevant as the affiliate will be you in each case. The issue of coupon codes are judged individually without request. If you meet the requirements regarding any coupon codes, we inform you about that via e-mail. If you need a coupon code, send your request and your idea to the following e-mail address : click to reveal e-mail address Your duty: if you have a coupon code promote it as you just can. As the bonus offered by the coupon code is always a better deal as our original bonus offer, new users will like using the coupon codes more.

Invitation card

These mean cards made of paper, which we send by post to those who deposit real money and then play with that. Invitation card can be passed personally and it includes a coupon code which can be used once and contains an increased bonus as well as commission to the person who passed the card. Your duties: if you have invitation cards, distribute it among your friends and acquaintances who might be interested in participating in group lottery. As the bonus offered by the coupon code on the card is always a better deal as our original bonus offer, new users will prefer using the invitation cards more, and you make an income by that.

Your tools in case you have your own mailing list

In case you have your own list of e-mail addresses send a newsletter which encourages readers to register in GruppenLotto and use the $2.00 bonus so they can try the game for free. Do not forget to place the affiliate link to the e-mail message, as we are able to follow your affiliated people on the basis of that. Use your own link here which you can create in a way as it was explained above. It is worth placing each e-mail campaign on a separate link, so that you can track their efficiency. When you send an e-mail, keep our rules regarding it: It is all right to send e-mail to a mail list which you obtained in a way that people signed up and therefore they are completely aware of the fact that you can get in touch with them to make different offers. In this case sending messages is allowed, and you can make a huge commercial benefit from that by using the offer not to be missed in the pre-registration period. It is all right to send e-mail to your friends, family members, to all the people whose e-mail addresses are on your address book because you have communicated with them so they know you. It is forbidden to send mail as an unwanted (spam) message. It is forbidden to send your link to an e-mail address which does not meet the requirements mentioned in the two previous points above. Prohibition applies highly to e-mail addresses which can be found, purchased and obtained publically, company e-mail addresses etc. It is forbidden to send mail to these. Those who break these rules are not paid any commission. GruppenLotto does not send or tolerate spam. If you are unsure whether you can send the offer to a given e-mail list or not, contact us on the following e-mail address so that we can discuss it before it happens: click to reveal e-mail address

Your tools when you are simply smart

There are several ways to spend your free time in a useful way, if you want to earn money with us. Create some own links and place them on the Internet. You can place the affiliate link not only on your own site, but anywhere else where readers can find the opportunity of the game interesting. Blogs, free link catalogues, forums, comments, community sites, comments, the number of opportunities are almost infinite. If you are really smart and creative, you can show it here in a way that you can earn a regular income with it. Even 10 minutes creative work that you spend with it on a daily basis will pay off!

About the operation of the affiliate link

How does tracking work?

The main thing about any of the ways how something is promoted on the Internet (banner, Facebook, share, link) is a special link, which is called consequently an affiliate link. GruppenLotto affiliate link includes a ?xref=xxxxxx tag in the end. The operation of this is very simple: the code in the place of the many x-es identifies you and your campaign, so we can also identify who we should pay the commission to. You can get to know about the efficiency of each link one by one in the My Account menu, at the Affiliate statistics. In case a visitor clicks on the affiliate link, then the website certainly occurs to him/her, but at the same time a cookie named gl_xref will be placed on his/her computer and it will stay there for 30 days. If anyone registers from that computer within these 30 days (tablet, mobile phone, laptop, PC) then this cookie which was placed on the computer will be processed and from then on you receive the commission after them. (From that point the fact that the affiliate cookie is there has no relevance.) If there has already been an affiliate cookie (even from another link) but its user clicks on your affiliate link, the cookie which is there will be overwritten and the 30 days will restart. If the user cancels the browser cookies, then certainly the affiliate cookie on the computer will also dissolve.

Traffic queries and statistics

You can enquire the traffic of all the links one by one independently from the fact that whether it was a Facebook share, a banner, a sent e-mail link or an own link. You can have an access to the information below:

  • Number of clicks on a given link
  • Number of registration on the basis of the number of clicks
  • The amount of commission bonus after the bonus of people who registered by your assistance
  • Amount of commission real money after the deposit of the people who registered by your assistance

For statistics click on My Account menu, the Affiliate statistics section and click Clicks or Commissions. Clicks show the statistics of clicks and registrations by links and summarizing them. Commissions show registrations and financial results by links and summarizing them. Data above can be enquired in different periods: today, yesterday, the day before yesterday, this week, last week, this month, last month, this year, last year, or all time.

About commissions

Bonus money, real money. What is the difference?

Your account that you can see at the top of your screen shows the amount of your real money and your bonus together. You can withdraw the real money and you can play with it, but the bonus money can be used exclusively for playing, it is not possible to withdraw it. It does not matter at all how much bonus money you collected during the pre-registration period, you cannot withdraw that, you can only use that for playing. But if your players start paying deposit, then you can withdraw the commission which we give after them, and from that you can make a relevant, regular income.

Rules to access commission

You are entitled to commission if your affiliate cookie was on the computer of a user in the moment when he or she registered. We consider the moment of registration when the name, the country, the postal code, the date of birth are saved. If the cookie was in present in that moment, then this person will be considered your registered affiliated person forever. After that the presence of the affiliate cookie is not necessary. The moment of granting the commission will be when this person confirms his or her application using the e-mail we send him/her. We credit you the commission after the real money deposit at the moment when your registered player pay it. There is no delay in that, GruppenLotto means an instant and continuous income. After the payment of real money you also get real money as a commission.

Commission, way of payment, subtractions

The commission after the registered are for a lifetime. Which means, while your registered affiliated player play, you get money, it does not matter at all if they have a couple of days pause, how much is your monthly traffic or even how many newly registered affiliated players you have in that month. It is a general rule, that the payment of commissions are immediate, therefore how you can decide about them is also immediate. There is no required minimum, there is no once in a month payment, you withdraw the deposit when you want to. The payment of the commission happens when you require, by bank transfer, in the same way as you withdrew a prize. Let us see commission management divided into different cases:

  • If a player receives a welcome bonus: in the moment when the bonus is credited you also receive 10% of that bonus as a bonus money.
  • If a player pays deposit with credit card: in parallel with the credit of the amount you receive 10% of it in real money you can withdraw.
  • If a player pays deposit by a bank transfer: in parallel with the credit of the amount you receive 10% of it in real money you can withdraw.
  • If a player withdraw money in any way: in parallel with that 10% of the amount will be subtracted from you, as it was paid to you as a commission before, but only if the player withdraws money that you had been paid commission after. So it does not apply to the winnings of your players.

On the basis of which has been written above you can only withdraw money which you have already received once. Anyone can decide to pay in a deposit, and withdraw it without playing. We filter the abuses regarding that with automated systems and those parties who are involved will be excluded from the game and from the commission. You are not entitled to commission from a prize that any of your registered affiliated wins. There will be no subtraction from the commission in case if the player withdraws his or her winnig.

Retention of commission, fraud

We from our part give every possible opportunity to anyone to earn a significant income ethically, by keeping the Terms of Use. Despite that fraud and fraud-suspicious cases may occur. We reserve the right to hold back a commission if fraud is suspected. Such include specifically, but not exclusively:

  • Sending Affiliate link in SPAM (unwanted e-mail).
  • Disturbingly a lot of Facebook post or comment which contains the affiliate link.
  • Paying in a huge amount of deposit then withdrawing money right after that.
  • A great deal of registration from the same IP address.
  • Other suspicious traffic, which is different from the average in type and in quantity.

In the above cases, or in other suspicious cases we make a decision about paying the commission after the case is investigated. For the period of investigation the account of user will be suspended, about which we send an e-mail to inform him/her. During this period he or she will not be able to log in to the account, but the system collets the commission about which a decision will be made on the basis of investigation. We can involve the regarded parties in the investigation process so that he or she can clarify the situation. Detailed conditions are regulated by the Terms of Use.

What is next?

The rewarding system which has been created by us is very user friendly and it provides you a wide range of opportunities so that you can make a significant, regular income. A brilliant opportunity of a game is given as well as a sophisticated, easy-to-use system with which you can reach people. The opportunity of earning 10% commission is a great offer, which is an easy way to make anyone join. Live with the opportunity, earn a lot of money playfully, and while having fun.

Your tools which are necessary for that can be found in the My Account menu, in the Affiliate tools section.

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