Earn money

Earn money with GruppenLottoGruppenLotto pre-registration period is the best opportunity for you to make a real, regular, complementary income. Read this part carefully and inform yourself how you can gain benefit by a click.

If you have endurance and you take our advice now, later you can make a regular income which you can use independently on games or you can withdraw it.

How can you earn money?

You have the opportunity to invite others and in this way you receive 10% credit on your account. This is a really common thing which is called Affiliate commission. The word affiliate originally means to get in touch with someone. In our case, it means that you make it possible to someone else to receive the $2.00 starting bonus. By this opportunity he or she can take part in a group lottery game. As he or she found us by your assistance, therefore we reward you with a constant 10% commission. In this way this is a win-win deal to everyone: we have new players, you get money.

You too came here and registered in some way or you will. The same way your friends, acquaintances, the visitors of your website or your blog, will come here and register as you did. You can take a financial benefit from that if you use the links and way of promotion we give you. Regarding this you can find a precise explanation in the Affiliate tools page. For the invitation of others the starting bonus is certainly a great help. Which is given in a way that you do not need to pay a deposit. Such a great offer is not made very often. Who would be insulted if he or she was given $2.00?

What does this 10% means exactly?

10% is immediately given to you because of the bonus of the player who you brought to us, as well as after the amount of real money he used for a game. (At the moment we are still int he pre-registration period, so it is not possible to deposit any money. When the game starts, certainly there will be the opportunity to do that, so it is better if you recruit more and more potential players who pay a deposit and real money for a game later. The complete range for service starts on 6 Apryl 2015.)

You can receive real money after the real payment of deposit, which you can use for playing in a real game, or this money can be withdrawn. You receive bonus money after the bonuses, which cannot be withdrawn but used only for a game.

For how long do I have the right for receiving the commission? When do I get it?

You receive commission until the registration of your affiliated person is valid. Until this point 10% of all the money he or she plays with is given to you as a credit on your registered account, as you have the right for it. This is given to you without any time limits. Because of the continuity and low price of lottery games players keep playing for years, and decades, so you receive you commission for such a long time. (Those who are familiar with similar commission paying systems, they know that commission without any time limitation is rare and it worth a treasure.)

A registration which is delivered by you becomes a player when the person confirms his or her application and he/she receives the starting bonus. In this moment you receive the 10% commission which you are entitled to.

We think that speed is important. Real money commissions are also credited on your internal account after the deposit of your affiliated players. There is no monthly summary, no subtraction, useless delay, no expected traffic, or any obligatory payment. Things happen immediately. Therefore you can play with your money immediately, but you can also ask the transfer of the full amount of money at any time, and we pay it to you on the following working day.

What’s next?

If you have already joined, you do not have to do anything else but to follow what we wrote during your registration. After your registration you are completely ready to earn money with GruppenLotto.

You can find further assistance, tips in our Affiliate tools page.

If you have your own website, blog or e-mail list, you can read the description to the Webmasters.

Good luck! Act now and earn a lot of money playfully!

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