Lottery in a group – without limits!

What is GruppenLotto?

The main thing about playing lottery in a group is that more players form a group to equally share the expenses of the lottery tickets among each other as well as the amount of the jackpot they win. The size of the group can be small or even large number of persons. The main advantage of playing lottery in a group is that the cost of the game is much lower as if someone would play alone. In this way those players can also play who otherwise would not be able to pay the price of a lottery ticket abroad. The possibility of winning is also bigger as more tickets can be bought. This is proven by the following statistics: the great jackpot is taken by groups playing lottery in 40% not by individuals.

Why lottery?

On the site of GruppenLotto groups were formed primarily for playing Hungarian lottery as its huge jackpots make it possible that even with a large group number the amount they can win can be measured in billions per capita. We buy the tickets from an official source, from the official organizer of the Hungarioan lottery called Szerencsejatek Zrt.

What does GruppenLotto do?

We manage the tasks of organization and service. We buy the tickets, organize the groups and we also organize the delivery of the prize to the winners. When there is a smaller amount, which does not need prize claim process, we distribute and discharge it on the account of the winners where they can take it from, so they will not have to do anything else. If there is a bigger amount than that, we organize the claim process so that all the winners can be in present and can receive his or her own share of the amount. Our list of TO DOs briefly:

  • We buy the lottery tickets in advance.
  • We share the opportunity of the game on our website.
  • We organize groups by the help of the website.
  • Each and every members of the group will receive the scanned version of the tickets which belongs to the group right before the drawing of lottery.
  • We inform you about the result of drawing by e-mail.
  • We manage the delivery of the prize: we discharge the smaller amounts immediately and we organise the delivery of the bigger ones.

Why this is the best one?

Let’s have a look at what are the reasons why we think that GruppenLotto is the best group lottery game service.

  • In a unique way, we provide a start bonus without paying, so anyone can try the game on our account.
  • GruppenLotto is the first, who provides a service where finally all the players can feel that the lottery tickets are their own property as a copy of them is sent to each of them.
  • This is a group game where everyone can know the other team members.
  • With the help of the unique affiliate system of GruppenLotto anyone can get a great income.
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